$495 Flat Fee:

The $495 Flat Fee is the key to our unique marketing strategy. Our new "hybrid" real estate method has proven to be very successful! The hybrid method combines the flat fee concept with a very small commission due upon the sale and closing of your house. With my help and guidance, you can utilize this new system to your own advantage. You will save time, energy and money. The $495 Flat Fee lists your home until it is sold! The commission due at the time of closing is a fraction of what traditional agents charge. Instead of up to six percent, our fee is just three tenths of one percent!!

As a trusted Kentucky Real Estate Broker, you can count on Steve Sander for innovative and productive ways to sell your home and save you thousand of dollars. The $495 Flat Fee is a great way to sell your home through the Northern Kentucky Multiple Listing Service (NKMLS). If you have a home, condo or other Northern Kentucky property to sell, try this new and unique service for great results and savings of thousands of dollars.

Let me explain what you will get for your $495 Flat Fee:

  • N. KY Multiple Listing Service: Your home will be listed in the NKMLS, a service that all Real Estate Agents use to list and sell property.

  • Realtor.com: Your home will be listed on Realtor.com, the world's # 1 home search web site.

  • Comparable Market Analysis: We will come to your home and do a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to help you determine the correct price for your home.

  • Yard Signs: You will be supplied with a professional real estate yard sign.

  • Seller disclosure: You will be provided with this form from the Kentucky Real Estate Commission that you, as the Seller, need to complete. This form is very important and it's the law that this form is made available to all prospective Buyers.

  • Free Revisions: there are no charges to make pricing or wording changes to your listing.

  • Customer Service with Excellence: We are committed to superior customer service!

  • SteveSander.com: Available through my own web site, buyers will see all of our active listings displayed, and that includes your home.

  • Availability: We are there to help you sell your home and save you thousand of dollars. If you should have any questions, we can be reached by phone or e-mail.

  • Privacy: We are concerned for your privacy. Since Steve Sander Real Estate offers both discount and full service plans, no one will know which plan you have chosen. This is important so your home will be viewed by traditional agents.

  • SteveSander.com: Now through our web site, buyers will see all listings in the area including your property. You will be able to download forms you may need to sell and write a contract on your home. We also have valuable information on how to prepare your home for sale.

  • We are Always Available: We are here to help you sell your home and save thousands of dollars. If you should have any questions you can call us or use the secure "Client Login" tab on our web site.

  • Let Us Show Your Home: What if you can't be at your home to show it to a prospective buyer? Let us do it for you. Call for details.

  • Getting Your Home Sold: Steve Sander Real Estate provides you with helpful guides and information on how to get your home sold fast and for top money.

  • You Need Feedback: Our lockboxes are specially designed to give us the names and phone numbers of agents that have shown your home to buyers. Perhaps there was some feedback. If so, we may be able to use this feedback to help you eliminate any objections for the next agent showing your home.

  • If You Change Your Mind: What if you decide, for any reason, not to sell your home? No problem! We will let you out of the listing agreement at any time.

  • Buyer Contact: If a buyer calls us about your property, we give them your phone number, so you can show your home. This will save you from paying the full commission rate.

  • Open Houses and Advertising: By using Steve Sander Real Estate, you can still hold your own open house at any time. You can place your own advertisement in newspapers. If you place you own advertising, be sure you refer to Steve Sander Real Estate as your broker- that's Kentucky law.